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Most Famous Poha From Pohewala

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Tarri Poha By Pohewala


Indori Poha By Pohewala


Paneer Poha By Pohewala


Chiwda Poha By Pohewala


Misal Poha By Pohewala


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History of Pohewala

The journey of entrepreneurship started around 6 years ago when Chahul Balpande (Co-owner, Pohewala) stepped into the industry with a hard goal to achieve success at any cost. His focus and efforts soon turned into results with his successful venture  Parkingwala.

With his experience in the business field, he always wanted to do something for the people, that would define bliss. And that’s when Pohewala came into existence along with Ganesh Bankar and Pawan Wadibhasme (Co-owners, Pohewala) who shared the same intention. The owners wanted to touch people’s hearts through their entrepreneurial interests, and food was the way that made their dream into a reality. A dream with the aim to bring smiles on people’s faces and satisfaction to their stomachs.

The idea behind the concept was always to provided nutritious food at reasonable costs. ‘’Food that could be served at any hour, Food that would relish the Indian palates, Food that would be ideal for all ages, Food that would be good for the stomach, Food that would be common, Food that could be served at an uncommon hour’’.

Poha has always won the hearts of people in India. Each region has its own type, preference and toppings to go with it. The thinking behind Pohewala was to introduce this humble dish that is full of nutrition and easily fills up, at an odd hour of the day hence delivering 24 x 7,  bringing at your doorsteps through Swiggy, Zomato & Ubereats. Complimenting each order with a free bottle of water, we at Pohewala works around the ‘customer satisfaction’ only.

Pohewala with its authentic and traditional recipes has victoriously served numerous happy customers; backed with a hardworking team that this venture a success.

Pohewala runs its services in Nagpur, Delhi NCR & Amravati.

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’Have a plateful of Poha, Fill up with a stomachful of joy, At cheerful prices, Only at Pohewala!’’

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